Ref. GFY2143

Goofy in "Victory Vehicles"



Directed by Jack Kinney, primary director of The Goofy Series.

The only Goofy cartoon released in 1943.

Goofy’s voice played by Disney Legend Pinto Colvig.

The only Goofy cartoon to have Pluto appearing.

Dimensions: Main draw: 9,8cm x 15cm. Canvas: 30cm x 25,3cm. Frame: 40cm x 30cm. Window mat: 29cm x 20cm.

Medium: Graphite hand drawing on 5 peghole production paper with black, blue and green color pencil.

Condition: Minor handling and edge wear, mild age-related paper toning (W4,5 as for our guide).

Framing: White RIBBA, PH-neutral mount, acid-free, polystyrene front, easy and fast disassemble. 

Authenticity: Trackable and conducted thorough research verified authenticity in exclusive NTAG215 card ISO 14443-3A with 32-bit code.

GFY2143-2 GFY2143-1

This original animation drawing can be seen around the 5:31 mark of the short film "Victory Vehicles" on online views. Here we can see a back figure of Goofy in his best optimistic mood, going to work happily holding his lunchbox. While Goofy’s figure is rendered in graphite and blue with blue colored pencil, the shadow is done in green colored pencil. The artwork is numbered 51 on the lower right side and might be signed on the far right side.

"Victory Vehicles" was the only Goofy cartoon released in 1943, while the World was immersed in WWII. This historical context is necessary to understand the plot, a satire of the rubber shortage at the time that caused problems on automobile supply. In the film, Goofy demonstrates different modes of transportation for wartime travel. 

The short film was directed by Jack Kinney, primary director of "The Goofy Series", who also directed animation gems such as "Dumbo" or "Pinocchio". But "Victory Vehicles" is more than just a Goofy feature: it is the only Goofy cartoon to have Pluto appearing, and both Goofy’s voice and Pluto’s barks are played by Disney Legend Pinto Colvig. The film's catchy opening song: “Hop on Your Pogo Stick”, became a hit between American children in 1943.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have Goofy in his best shape and mood, not only an amazing drawing but also an Artwork that is more than part of Animation history, is part of World history itself!




Package: Custom, hand-made premium box with a Collector's Handbook, care guide, certificate of authenticity and branded materials. Authenticity: Trackable and conducted thorough research verified authenticity in exclusive NFC password protected NTAG215 card ISO 14443-3A with 32-bit code. Framing: White RIBBA, PH-neutral mount (will not discolour the picture), acid-free, polystyrene front, easy and fast disassemble.  Shipping: Free premium express shipping from Madrid, Europe.


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