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Flit in "Pocahontas"



The first Disney Classic based (or inspired) on historical events.

The first Disney Princess to be of American descent.

Flit’s design is inspired by the trio of hummingbirds from 1946 film "Song of the South".

He made some cameos as in the Hong Kong Disneyland version of It’s a Small World attraction.

Dimensions: Main draw: 27cm x 13cm. Canvas: 43cm x 32cm. Frame: 50cm x 40cm. Window mat: 39cm x 29cm.

Medium: Graphite hand drawing on 5 pegholes production paper with black and red color pencil.

Condition: Minor handling and edge wear, mild age-related paper toning (W3 as for our guide).

Framing: White RIBBA, PH-neutral mount, acid-free, polystyrene front, easy and fast disassemble. 

Authenticity: Trackable and conducted thorough research verified authenticity in exclusive NTAG215 card ISO 14443-3A with 32-bit code.

Flit is a hummingbird and a major character in Disney’s 1995 animated feature film "Pocahontas". In this artwork we can see him at approximately the 21:27 mark of the film, trying to stop Meeko by pulling his tail. The main drawing has some production notes and the piece shows two animator’s timing charts: one marked 3 on the upper right side and another one marked “tail” on the far right side, both on red colored pencil. The artwork is marked 3 on the lower right side and noted 4200 52 on the bottom.

Released in 1995 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the real Pocahonta’s birth year, Disney "Pocahontas" addresses the complexities of colonization and its impact on indigenous communities, portraying the challenges faced by Native Americans due to the influx of European settlers and their quest for land and resources. Its state-of-the-art animation techniques and visual effects, converted this movie into one of the most celebrated films of Disney’s Renaissance. It is, so far, the last Disney feature to win the Academy Award for both best original score and best song. 

Do not miss this opportunity to make yours an original animation drawing of one of the Pocahonta’s best friends: Flit, a symbol of the importance of embracing cultural diversity through his values of resilience, love and empathy, and his stunning animation.




Package: Custom, hand-made premium box with a Collector's Handbook, care guide, certificate of authenticity and branded materials. Authenticity: Trackable and conducted thorough research verified authenticity in exclusive NFC password protected NTAG215 card ISO 14443-3A with 32-bit code. Framing: White RIBBA, PH-neutral mount (will not discolour the picture), acid-free, polystyrene front, easy and fast disassemble.  Shipping: Free premium express shipping from Madrid, Europe.


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